Penis Extender Review: The Dr. Long Extender

Penis Extender Review: The Dr. Long Extender

Penis Extender Review by Gene Botura

Gene Botura bringing you another hot and detailed penis extender review! This one is more of a DIY penis extender solution and we’re going to be investigating what this manufacturer has come up with.

This idea is interesting and we hope it is improved because we think they are on the right track.

So let’s get started.

What is the Dr. Long Penis Extender?

The Dr. Long Penis Extender is one regarding the cheapest and most simplistic penis expanding devices that you could ever buy. While it is definitely an interesting idea, it has many defects as well.

Its purpose is to extend the penis and, in time, provide an increase in size.

This does perhaps not seem to be something that is the product of an actual company; it is highly probable that this was manufactured in someone’s garage or on a kitchen area table and then sold online. With a small effort you could make this stretcher yourself however it is most likely not worth your time.

What Does this Penis Extender Consist of? What are It’s Parts?

This extremely simple penis extender consists of a size of silicone tubing, 2 plastic beads, and a Velcro band.

The beads were drilled out so that they act as adjusters with the tubing.

The strap is also blue and black so the color is actually pretty nice.

The other end of the tubing is connected to a Velcro strap that is then attached to your leg at a length so as allowing for some stretching of your cock.

The other end of the tubing goes around your penis and is secured by a sliding bead.

After than you simply relax a little and the penis extender will adjust into place.

Some Good Things this Penis Extender Gets Right

  1. Extremely Affordable: For less than $50, you are getting quite a steal.
  2. Ease of Use: Super easy to use, you just slip your penis in and slide the tightenting strap!
  3. Low Footprint: This penis extender is light weight and can be carried in a small bag and even your pocket.

Huge Disadvantages are Readily Apparent.

  1. Nearly impossible to use while sitting: We found it difficult, if not impossible, to adjust this extender while sitting with pants on. To be effective, you would have to sit without pants and attach the extender to your reduced leg! Any movement would effect the stress on your penis.
  2. No consistency with stretching: You must remember to alternate between legs so that you develop your penis evenly. If you always connect this to a particular leg then you will be stretching ligaments in one direction only which may cause your penis to bend to the left or right.
  3. Force applied to the penis glans: This extender doesn’t distribute the traction power evenly at all. There is a lot of power being placed just behind your penis mind and we wonder what the long haul effects would be. We’re able to see that the penis was thinner where the noose is attached as a result of the tissues being pulled more in that location.
  4. Some pinching starts to happen: When tightening the noose the sliding bead makes it so the silicone tubing comes together and pinches your penis! In order to avoid problems, you have to tighten the noose slowly while keeping yourself clear of the area that goes into the bead
  5. When moving, you risk slippage!: The thing that is really scary about this product is that sudden movement could be hazardous! It’s fine if you aren’t moving around, but in the event that you were to move your knee a little too much also fast you may find your penis in a lot of pain or even worse! We don’t advise you to move around also much if you decide to try this thing!
  6. No elasticity in the strap: The Velcro strap does not flex at all so it will get very tight if you had been to bend your leg while using it. You could loosen it, but performing so would allow it to slip and defeat its purpose. You would have to readjust the strap for standing and for sitting.


The most effective way to spend your money is by investing in the heavy-weight industry standard penis extenders such as that by PhalloGauge or SizeGenetics!

Overall, wearing the device is not all that bad but you soon recognize where it falls short.

For example the cheap materials and the simply poor user-experience are all very noticeable.

You can understand this without even wearing the device yourself! All you have to do is look at it.

This little extender does have the potential to work but we would not expect great results.

But it does have lots of room for improvement and I expect great things from these developers!