A Jelqing Guide to End All Penis Enlargement Guides

What on Earth is “Jelqing”? It sounds like “Milking”.

If you were thinking of “milking”, you’re kind of on the right line of thinking.

Jelqing is a natural penis enlargement exercise.

So how is it done?

Well this is where the “milking” concept comes in.

A single jelq stroke is accomplished by grabbing to the bottom of your semi-erect penis along with your index finger and thumb, and “milking” it towards the top of the shaft.

You do this all while choking and applying pressure to your penis during the stroke.

Water-based lubricant is highly recommended when jelqing.

Jelqing routines typically include around 20 minutes with 5-second long strokes.

So why would I do want to do Jelqing?

To achieve the thing that most guys want when it comes to penis size: Thickness.

The average width is 5″.

That means there is so much room for progress to be “above average” and in preferred zone of women.

The problem is guys just hear “jelqing” and start doing it right away without doing it properly.

I can assure you: There’s an effective technique to jelqing.

So it is absolutely crucial that you do it effectively so you don’t waste a lot of time with zero results to show for it.

But first we need to understand what the penis is made out of.

The Corpora Cavernosa – the Inspiration for several Girth

Quite frankly, that you do not need to recognize each area of the penis.

If there is one-part of the penis you have to find out about it’s the Corpora Cavernosa.

What exactly is it?

It’s the two, thick soft tubes running parallel to one another down the base of the penis.

a crosssection of the penis displaying the corpora cavernosa.
They are what include most of the blood during an erection.

They’ve cells that hold body being that they are mushy.

When you are aroused, nitric oxide is released from the body to trigger an increase in blood circulation for the penis by increasing the arteries that lead to the penis (vasodilation).

From escaping it press from the veins to prevent blood when the corpora cavernosa stretches.

This is one way the body maintains an erection.

The veins are what offer the body far from the human body and therefore are located nearby the area of the penis.

These are the same veins that are visible whenever you at an erection together with the naked eye.

If you can master adjusting blood to the copora cavernosa via jelqing – you’ll be effectively on the way to boost your jelqing for width.

Jelqing for Thickness – What You Absolutely Need to Be Sure You’re Performing.

Try and improve your timing for each stroke. That’s the first critical point that PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence says.

Why would you want to do this? Here’s why:

Imagine what were to occur if you’re to just grab the base of your penis and stroke, all without slipping.

The blood pressure will increase due to that external force..

Similar to if you sat on one end of a water bed, the another end would bulge out.

Now apply this concept to the penis. The shaft will be engorged with blood and bulge out due to the external pressure that is applied by your thumb and index finger.

And that is precisely what we wish!

Remember, we’re straining the cells of the Copora Cavernosa (the blood filled sponge tissue) such that it adjusts to the extensive training to achieve our desired effect:

Indisputable gains in penis girth.

Generally, if you just followed exactly what I described, you will dramatically boost your girth gains and your sexual partners will notice.

Do not deviate from this jelqing method and you will succeed.

The main way to achieve this is to just keep the proper technique in mind at the start of each stroke and attempt to copy it.

Really ingrain it in your mind so that it becomes second nature.

So you gave your penis a superb, long choke before starting.

Subsequently, you’ve got to make sure the actual stroke is quality.

To achieve quality, just be sure that the pace and period of the stroke is slow and more importantly, constant.

Deeply concentrate on getting a constant pressure imposed on every area of your penis from begin to finish.

The concept is to let the blood circulation pressure meet your needs.

That the top part penis, the glans, doesn’t contain any area of the corpora cavernosa, so it is unnecessary to jelq there.

Therefore when you get there, STOP! There’s no point in jelqing there.

Once you understand these techniques and apply them you’ll never really have to read another article on jelqing again.

The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Jelqing.

Doing the right thing is good, but equally important is to avoid doing the wrong things.

Guys think they need to be “Speed Racer” and jelq too fast.

Do not do this!

Jelqing is meant to be a slow and steady, dedicated exercise – not a sprint or burst.

I may note that there is a type of jelqing called, machine gun jelqing that’s used once in a while.

But only sparingly.

More often than not, like 99% of the time, jelqing is meant to become a slow exercise.

Think quality then quantity.

We recommend time each stroke together with your stopwatch on your smartphone so you might get a sense for how long it ought to be.

It’s good practice.

It does not hurt to use the timer set for the initial few swings in each period just to be safe.

After you have the muscle memory down for this moment, then check out copy that motion for the rest of your strokes.

Their jelqing session isn’t long enough.

This is another big mistake most guys make when jelqing: Cutting corners time-wise in the session.

This is a huge mistake.

Most jelqing experts would agree that:

A training session should last for 20 minutes.

It is like regular exercise training – you need to run for 30minutes, not only 10.

Think about what a typical fitness trainer would tell you.

Would they tell you a 5 minute workout would be more effective than a 20 minute one?

Heck, no!

Think about cardiovascular training:

The heart and body needs time to increase to a certain intensity and sufficient time after that to impose the stress and actual beneficial training on the body.

The erection level is totally wrong.

Another big mistake: More regularly than not, the erection amount is incorrect.

Guys think that their erection needs to be rock hard when jelqing.

Simply put, NO.

The problem is that men hear about other people who have reported that their penis has reduced in size with time from jelqing when working with a complete, 100% hardness erection.

Regardless, here is the principle that you ought to follow:

Shoot for a 90% erection level when jelqing.

Nevertheless you also don’t want a 100% hardness erection such that the force is too much and might cause injury.

You never want to be flaccid in a way that your copora cavernosa isn’t packed enought to pressure and train those soft tissues. At that point the intensity is too low and you’re just wasting your time.

To Conclude

In the end, jelqing may be the most easily-available technique to enhance your penis girth.

It does so by milking the the copora cavernosa to maximize the growth of the spongy tissues there by pushing blood through and increasing the blood pressure on those tissue walls.

By doing good jelqing sessions, you can boost your maximum width past your present size.

Oh and it’s permanent.

This stress teaching is common to all varieties of physical exercise, like cardiovascular exercise like we mentioned earlier.

Provide a good, long press in the beginning of every stroke in the foundation of the penis. Keep that force consistent and you’ll be doing a “gold-standard” jelq stroke.

You will be on the right track by doing this.

You may never forget how jelqing just works – just remember what’s going on with the corpora cavernosa when jelqing!

While incredibly helpful to determine how to increase girth, you now have an exercise in your penis enlargement toolset that you can always rely on.