The SizeDoctor Penis Extender Review

Amazing what technology provides with us nowadays.

In fact, technology continues to grow since there’s a new penis extender for me to review.

It’s called SizeDoctor and I also was fairly intrigued with its design, its quality, and its effectiveness.

Ultimately, new technological features is always a good thing, and it’s great because it gives me more products to evaluate.

What is the SizeDoctor Penis Extender?

The SizeDoctor is made and distributed from South Korea.

This penis extender is like other rod-based penis extenders, however it has a bulb on the top instead of a noose system.

So unlike other extenders, this one will not employ a strap or noose.

It uses a vacuum bulb machine to secure the head of the penis securely within a small vessel while traction force is put on the entire penis shaft.

However this force is applied in the traditional manner using rods and springs.

According to doctors from PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence, “Given the special features and uniqueness of this extender, we’d’ expect much success from users using it.”

What to Expect When Using the SizeDoctor

First of most, let me say that this system seems to be of extremely good quality making from the best materials.

Quite impressive when I thought about it.

Every part that comprised this device was crafted well.

The extender rods are all nickel plated brass, while the inner springs are stainless metallic.

The unit itself is quite impressive and is definitely an elegant design.

Then there is the handball pump which is made from natural rubber – it smells like good rubber, perhaps not like Chinese rubber.

Also, the girth rings are made from medical grade silicone and have no odor.

The machine vessel is a difficult, transparent ABS resin.

The engineering is quite well and that really is a testament to Korean Enginering vs. Chinese Engineering.

This is not yet another backup for the same old penis extender design, no, this will be far more innovative and appears as though it may be something prescribed by a doctor or found in some sort of medical clinic.

How to Put the SizeDoctor On

Alright, here’s how one should put it on:

Being able to tweak the fit is another positive feature of this system. They give you a broad range of extension bar segments so that you can fine tune its maximum length to have the best fit while providing an appropriate amount of traction force.

Finally, you apply the valve lock and put the extender in position. You will know straight away that you chose the appropriate girth band because your penis will not slip out.

Another interesting thing is that they counsel you to wear this extender with it pointed up. We have reviewed and used various other extenders and none have ever recommended this system yet it really makes sense!

What we discovered was how easy this could be to utilize.

Once your cock head is completely around, you merely flip a steel latch to close the valve. Your mind can look slightly bigger but discover not enough suction to trigger any problems plus it holds onto your penis extremely well.

This extender is much quicker and simpler to utilize than are other extenders. There are no straps to pinch you or adjust and there are no last thumb-screw adjustments to create.

You set it up initially and then put it on your penis and let it do just what it is designed to do. It could be applied in about a minute with minimum experience.

Some might be wondering when I was about the cleaner placed on your penis head. It takes only a few squeezes of the handball pump to have your penis into the vacuum tube as they call it.

Afterward you set the length on the extender which is your erect length to start out. Next, you apply only a little of the included lubricant, and with the use of the suction pump, you draw your penis go to the vacuum vessel.

I could wear the SizeDoctor extender for the hour regarding the first day without the problems where as I possibly could maybe not do that with other extenders.

Once more, a great aspect to the SizeDoctor extender is how it holds your penis in destination utilizing a distinctive vacuum retention system. I had no discomfort and once I selected the correct girth band, I had no problems slipping completely.

Also, this makes it much easier to maneuver around also to sit and bend while wearing this product. Other such devices seem to be designed to be pointed downward, although the SizeDoctor device is made to be upward.

Compared to various other extenders that make usage of straps and nooses to keep you – this may be far more effective and comfortable.

Straps can be tough because they’ve to be tight enough in order that you are doing not slip aside and many times they cause discomfort and loss of circulation due to being so tight.

First you have to choose the correct girth band or sleeve depending on the circumference of your penis. It took me a couple tries and then We finally got the right one

We wore free fitting cargo shorts and a t-shirt most associated with the full time and the actual fact that We was wearing this extender was pretty well concealed.

The quantity of stretching force that the unit places on your penis is set before you also place it on and the details of this are described in the manual.

What better way to position your penis for enlargement than the way it is situated naturally when erect!

Once I had been in a state of optimum stretch, the process ended up being remarkably smooth while the efficacy associated with the SizeDoctor product was quite evident.

Loose fitting pants are generally a must with this particular and any other extender plus it are fairly inconspicuous if done right.

Ultimately, what’s the final verdict?

I am still amazed at this product, its effective design.

Those Koreans know what they’re doing, huh?

By applying a good stretch through intelligent engineering, you’re going to be on the right path for your penis size gains.

This extender really does solve many of the setbacks and problems you might experience with other units and it does so beautifully.

Despite all this, on the whole, the SizeDoctor is a solid device that can really motivate and deliver for you on your penis lengthening endeavor.